All earth fragrance: porcini mushroom cream with truffle
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All earth fragrance: porcini mushroom cream with truffle

The whole autumn season recalls earth; the new golden colors, the more frequent rains that awaken the undergrowth and the greater desire for warm, “enveloping” dishes.

And when we talk about the earth we can not but “play at home”: truffle is the undisputed King, and reigns with benevolence on its subjects, such as the fine porcini mushrooms, whose best period of harvesting and consumption is just this one.

And what happens when two exceptional fruits of the earth are combined together? All the power of the forest comes to life and taste in a product of indescribable flavor. We are talking about our porcini mushroom and truffle cream, that can be purchased at our restaurants or online, to get comfortably to your home, all over the world.

Our cream is prepared with porcini mushrooms, olive oil, Italian white truffle, aromas, salt and spices. It has innumerable uses in the kitchen, from “bruschetta”, to which it gives a strong and intense flavor, to pasta dishes and risotto, passing as a sauce for meat and stews.

All your preparations will be enriched by a magical autumn touch, for an explosion of the flavors of the earth.

your cream and… have a nice meal!

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