All the scents of the wood with our porcini mushrooms cream with truffle
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All the scents of the wood with our porcini mushrooms cream with truffle

Often, by now you know it, we like to experiment with particular combinations thanks to the virtues of our beloved truffle, which makes each recipe unforgettable. Sometimes, however, it is pleasant to remain in the same “realm” of taste; this time we offer you porcini mushrooms cream with truffle, for a fragrant tribute to the woods, able to give us these extraordinary ingredients.

The cream is naturally produced with top quality ingredients, this time all “given away” by nature: 74% porcini mushrooms, olive oil, Italian white truffle (Tuber Borchii Vitt.) 5%, aromatic plant, aroma, salt, spice.

The advantage of this fantastic cream is also that of having countless uses: first courses, risotto, meat and sauces. Exceptional on bruschetta and croutons to fully appreciate its intense and decisive flavor.

The chef’s comment: “Very versatile product that can be used simply on a slice of toasted bread, in a first course that is a risotto or a pasta, either as a single ingredient or accompanied with something more “tasty” that can be meat ( sausages) or fish (tuna). Finally, it can also be used on main courses such as a spread at the end of cooking on a fish fillet or a nice cut of meat cooked on the bbq or, for the more “expert” as stuffing for stuffed meats, quiches and omelets

The porcini mushrooms cream with truffle can be purchased on our e-commerce together with all the other truffle products. In these particular days we still insure the shipment, although this may be delayed compared to normal times.

We at Tartufi & Friends recommend that you cook with your family and hone your chef skills; we will see you again soon in our restaurants!

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