Asparagus and truffle: an extraordinary cream with a thousand uses
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Asparagus and truffle: an extraordinary cream with a thousand uses

For our handmade truffle products we use not only the highest quality ingredients, but also those with healthy nutritional properties.

This time the co-protagonist (the king is always the truffle) is the asparagus, a real treasure full of beneficial nutrients. It is rich in vegetable fiber, folic acid and vitamins, such as A, C, E. It also has an interesting content of mineral salts including chromium, which improves the insulin’s ability to transport glucose and therefore helps prevent type 2 diabetes.
Asparagus also helps to purify the body by being a natural diuretic, allowing the body to excrete excess sodium.

We have combined this beneficial concentrate with our best truffle and we have made it a cream: the cream of asparagus with truffle that can be purchased at our restaurants or online

The ingredients? 76% asparagus, olive oil, water, Italian white truffle (Tuber Borchii Vitt.) 5%, peanut oil, salt, flavor, yeast extract, natural flavors, spice.

100% natural so it can be used in its purity for a risotto or as a seasoning for a lasagna. If, on the other hand, you want to whet your palate and appetite with an appetizer or a tasty “snack”, you can combine it with the cheese you prefer and make it a spreadable mousse on toasted bread or bruschetta.

Chef Andrea Asoli also suggests a green variant of the classic Roman carbonara: if you don’t love egg, why not replace its creaminess with our asparagus cream with truffle?

As with all our products, you can still experiment and find the perfect recipe for you. It is really difficult to find foods with which the heady scent of truffle does not bind.

this and all the other products on our site, we ship worldwide!

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