Milan has a new chef: Andrea Asoli
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Milan has a new chef: Andrea Asoli

We are pleased to welcome Andrea Asoli as head chef of the Milan Truffle Lounge. Asoli takes over chef Luca Mauri who led the cuisine of Corso Venezia 18 restaurant for two years.

Our new chef is very young, born in 1990, but has gained an impressive experience abroad in a very short time. In his resume there are the starred Met of Venice, the Venissa of Marzobbo where he earned a Michelin star together with his colleagues and the Rubacuori of Milan, the restaurant of the prestigious Chateu Monfort.

We are really excited to have Andrea on our team,” said Alberto Sermoneta, CEO of Tartufi & Friends. “For us it is important that all the members of our team share the values ​​in which we recognize ourselves: territoriality, authenticity, tradition and innovation.

That’s right, for us at Tartufi & Friends it is essential to respect tradition while daring and knowing how to combine old and new ingredients and flavors. Only an experience that has led to the discovery of the different flavors of the world can return this characteristic, so important for those involved in creating our recipes.

The kitchen of Asoli, respecting these principles, in fact holds together the different experiences of its lightning career. Contamination is his keyword: the chef skilfully and never mixes Roman traditions, Venetian and Venetian influences, and therefore also oriental, and Milanese experiences.

your table at Tartufi & Friends Milan to discover all the new recipe that the new chef has in store for you!

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