The most fashionable period of the year: after Milan fashion week, white truffle remains
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The most fashionable period of the year: after Milan fashion week, white truffle remains

In Milan fashion, (good) taste and exclusivity never end. After the fashion week, when the lights of the catwalks have been turned off, only one special guest remains in the most exclusive panorama of the city: white truffle.

Our menu includes, until January, amazing seasonal dishes with a unique taste, made possible by the harvest of white truffles. With its mere presence, the already special recipes of our chefs are turned into pure magic.

From starters to desserts, each dish now has its “white” variant, which we invite you to not miss.

For example, the appetizers dedicated to the white truffle are very fresh, with ingredients with a delicate taste to best enhance the organoleptic properties of the Alba white: for example Burrata, garden salad,Truffle honey and fresh Truffle, or a gourmet salad ideal for lunch break too: Porcini mushroom salad, celery, Parmigiano flakes and fresh Truffle. The tartars are also exceptional, for a “raw” taste experience: Sicilian red tuna tartare, lemon scented potatoes cream and fresh Truffle or Beef tartare, milk cream, lentils, hazelnuts and fresh Truffle.

Our first courses, both with white and black truffle, remain the classic, so perfect  that it would be folly to change, like our  “Classico” tagliolino with fresh truffle or  “Our” Cacio & Pepe tagliolino with fresh truffle.
But something new is always present, because change is essential for us. We have added other ingredients of excellence to our selection, for example now you can taste potato gnocchi, oyster cream, pumpkin, almonds and fresh truffle.

Among second courses we highlight the presence of Kobe meat, the most precious in the world, presented with topinambur and spinach. Imagine this delicious meat combined with white truffle …

In reality, even if the imagination allows us to get anywhere, you just need to book a table in Milan to travel beyond the boundaries of what you have ever tasted so far.

full menu and now your table.

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