tr U.F.O fle (it can’t be from this world)
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tr U.F.O fle (it can’t be from this world)

Dearest kitchen Emperor friends,

Recently, questioning ourselves about our origins and our work, we have come to a disconcerting conclusion, and the more we think about it the more it makes sense.

For “our origins” we mean those of all mankind. And let’s think about it, nazca designs, wheat circles, maya prophecies, the same zigguraths built thousands of years ago. Perhaps many of you may think that we are alone in the universe, and often, for a matter of “mental serenity,” we too, here at T&F, were incline to reject truths bigger than us.

But think for a moment at the smell of truffle, at its taste, its almost “King Midas” ability to turn into gold, metaphorically speaking, all the dishes on which it is grated. Think about its coming out of the depths of the earth attracting the purest living beings of this world (dogs) with its magical scent and its ability to bewitch in one bite the most proud of the men and the most hard to please of the women.

Nazca, wheat circles, bermuda triangle… the tr U.F.O fle we believe it is the last piece to admit the existence of other worlds, of other civilizations. Magnanimous and benevolent civilizations that made us unimaginable gifts, such as the first spores of our Prince, which now grows and charm us, proud and perfect and yet under our feet, cosmic host in an alien world, ours.

Book the access to other worlds!

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