Transformations. The new Milan menu signed by Luca Mauri
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Transformations. The new Milan menu signed by Luca Mauri

In nature, everything changes, adapts, strengthens to respond to the surrounding changes, sometimes alternates. Everything  transforms itself.

We at Tartufi & Friends owe to Nature everything, first of all our King, the ingredient that turns everything into gustatory ecstasy: truffle. But also everything that accompanies it has an extraordinary value for us, and we respect it. In particular we respect the seasonality, the times, the ways. Each ingredient lives on our plates according to the times that Nature dictates.

Our menu adapts to the natural cycle, and periodically transforms. We are at a new cycle.

Chef Luca Mauri has created the new seasonal menu that you can enjoy at our restaurant in Milan, and it is possible and check it comfortably at home.

A tribute to transformation this time, for example in our new potatoes spaghetti , bacon, egg cream and fresh truffle.

But also

Fish: Almonds Ravioli, raw Sicilyan red shrimps, crustaceous sauce, dandelion and fresh Truffle

Meat: Kobe Beef (Miyazaki prefecture A5) cube, raspberry, carrots, almonds and fresh Truffle

Lightness: Asparagus, cherry tomatoes confit, beetroot, Dijon mustard and fresh Truffle

Sweetness: Chocolate, passion fruit, fruits compote, mango sorbet

now your table: you will taste the savoriest side of Nature.

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