“Uovo al tegamino” with truffle secret, with Chef Corsini
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“Uovo al tegamino” with truffle secret, with Chef Corsini

Our menu is seasonal, and with the warmth that finally accompanies the days it is easy to appreciate in particular a fresh tartare, seasonal vegetables or fish-based dishes, which remind us of the sea, like our Catalan lobster.

But there are dishes that it is really impossible to remove from the selection of Tartufi & Friends, such as egg and truffle, one of the most irresistible “couples”.

Egg and truffle is a truly extraordinary combination, both enhance each other and complete on the palate one of the most delicious symphonies of the earth. Our Corsini Chef from Rome has developed a fresh recipe suitable even for the hottest days, with the help of the summer buffalo stracciatella: poché egg, buffalo stracciatella, agretti, truffle caviar and fresh truffle

Chef comment:

“The dish comes from the desire and the need to give a classic and modern look to the classic fried egg. It is cooked at low temperature to make the yolk soft and creamy. In this period we combine it with one of the excellences of our beautiful country: the buffalo stracciatella, which with its fatness and acidity goes well with the egg and, above all, with its freshness, makes the dish more suitable for these temperatures . Then we add a seasonal vegetable, the agretti, which add minerality and flavor to the dish and we conclude with the truffle caviar which embellishes it both in terms of aesthetics and taste”

This is how the seasonal variation of a great classic is born, thanks to competence and experience. If you have not yet had a chance to try it,

your table at Tartufi & Friends Rome. At Via della Borgognona, a a few steps away from Piazza di Spagna, we are waiting for you with this and all the other extraordinary summer recipes!

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