A truffle world!
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A truffle world!

Italy really enjoys a privileged position. Navel of the world, is characterized by a multitude of territories and extraordinary landscapes that offer striking views, historic villages among the most beautiful in the world and the harvest of a very special fruit of the earth as mysterious as seductive. Truffle, of course.

In Italy grow precious truffles, first of all the white of Alba, but then the bianchetto, the scorzone, the summer truffle. We have enough to be inebriated for the whole year!

But we all know truffle, it is caprice and lust, and out there is a world of truffles to be discovered. Ancient and modern people have succumbed to its scent and charm.

For millennia, the center of the truffle trade has been central Europe, but even away from us we have testimonies of entire civilizations “attempted” by the king of the earth. The desert truffles (terfezie) of Western Asia and North Africa have been appreciated by nomads since prehistoric times. In China and Japan it was also widespread, and in Japan a soup made with truffles was very famous.

From east to west to Oregon, whose white truffle (Tuber Gibbosum) today enjoys a certain culinary importance and is known to members of the North American Truffle Society.

The whole world is therefore a land of truffles. Fortunately we are at its very center, and you are even closer, because you just have to book a table at our restaurants to enjoy the scent and flavor of the ingredient that has bewitched, we can say, the whole history of the world!

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