All at the service of the white truffle in the new menu of Rome
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All at the service of the white truffle in the new menu of Rome

The harvest of white truffle has finally begun, and so also begins the period of the year when we have the honor of handling the best truffle that nature gives us.

Its aroma and taste are something extraordinary and unique, and its mere presence would be enough to give us exceptional dishes. But at Tartufi & Friends even the exceptional is not enough, and the chef Giordano Corsini has created the new seasonal menu with the precise aim of exalting  the characteristics of the white truffle even more, through a wise choice and combination of ingredients.

Chef comment:

We developed the dishes trying to identify those combinations that, for us, enhance the taste of white truffle. Indeed, the presence of tubers, roots and vegetables is strong, the presence of mushrooms and chestnuts is inevitable (even assembled in a single dish: like roasted porcini mushrooms, chestnuts, stewed leek and fresh truffle) and those hints of woods that recall the truffle habitat. Also in this menu we have given space to fish, trying to identify which ones could enhance, and be exalted by, the truffle; such as scallops, sea bass, baby squid, sole. The same goes for the meat: we are back on animals with “important” cuts such as foie gras, lamb, wild boar, duck, deer. The fruit is present both between the savory and the sweet.

It was then possible until January to taste dishes such as:

Roasted Porcini mushrooms, chestnuts, stewed leek and fresh Truffle

Risotto, lamb, demi-glace, hazelnuts grains and fresh Truffle

Ravioli filled with wild boar, roasted Galletti mushrooms, Parmigiano Reggiano foam and fresh Truffle

Sole in hazelnuts crust, stewed fennel cream, liquorice oil and fresh Truffle

Roasted seabass with lentils soup and fresh Truffle


now your table at Tartufi & Friends Rome and enjoy the most beautiful color: white.

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