From the earth a green delight: basil pesto with truffle
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From the earth a green delight: basil pesto with truffle

From the Ligurian tradition the rich Italian culinary tradition receives pesto, one of the most popular pasta sauce. The origin is very ancient: the first written recipe is found even by reading the “True Genoese Cuciniera” by Emanuele Rossi from 1852, called “Pesto d’Aglio e Basilico”.

The aromatic plants and herbs used in cooking are wonderful, and they give the recipes freshness, aroma and healthiness. Basil, the main ingredient of pesto, also has remarkable healthy nutritional properties being rich in minerals and nutrients, including vitamin K, A, C, copper, manganese, calcium, iron, folic acid and omega 3 fatty acids. Basil protects the structure of cells and chromosomes from free radicals, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties too.

So another wonder of nature that we have combined with truffle to give you our basil pesto with truffle, which can be purchased on our e-commerce with delivery all over the world!

The ingredients? As always carefully selected and expertly mixed: basil 34%, olive oil, lettuce, cheese (latte, rennet, salt, preservative: lysozyme egg protein), garlic, italian summer truffle (Tuber Aestivum Vitt.) 5%, pine nuts, salt, flavoring.

Lo chef Giordano Corsini ce ne consiglia così il consumo: “Il pesto al tartufo, oltre ad accompagnare la classica pasta, che può variare da uno gnocchetto alla trofia passando per uno spaghetto, potrebbe essere utilizzato sia in accompagnamento a carni o pesci bolliti o anche come vero e proprio condimento, magari spalmato su una coscia di pollo da passare al forno”.

Chef Giordano Corsini recommends its consumption as follows: “Truffle pesto, in addition to accompanying the classic pasta, which can vary from a gnocchi to a trofia via a spaghetti, could be used both as an accompaniment to boiled meats or fish or even as a real seasoning, maybe spread on a chicken leg to be baked“.

Our pesto is very tasty, healthy and versatile: online together with all other truffle products, such as pasta, sauces, oil, liqueur, butter, sweets.

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