“Gioconda” – No masterpiece is born in a day
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“Gioconda” – No masterpiece is born in a day

An important name that brings even bigger expectations. For this reason Mirko Sodi signature cocktail arrives to its final essence after years of improvements. He says:

“A cocktail that accompanies me since 10 years and which, above all, gives me great satisfaction: born from a mix between Bitter Campari, Sweet & Sour mix and Maracuja juice. After years of studies and new combinations, today it represents one of my top cocktail and my signature”

It is the perfect cocktail for the summer aperitif, very fresh and thirst quenching, especially in combination with our selection of accompanying finger food. A skilful mix for refreshing happy hours.

Ingredients? Campari Bitter, Fresh lemon juice, Homemade Maracuja fresh syrup, Aquafaba, Angostura Bitter and bergamot essential oils.

How does Mirko prepare it and why this way? It would take 10 years to write it … but just come and visit us to savor the Gioconda and all the other cocktails Mirko Sodi has designed for you.

Cocktails with truffles, Martini experience and Italian experience in the cocktail menu in Milan!

We are in Corso Venezia 18

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