Interview with Milan manager: Tonino Lanzi
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Interview with Milan manager: Tonino Lanzi

We have already had occasion to ask some questions to Claudia Luffarelli, the director of Tartufi & Friends Rome, today we know more closely Tonino Lanzi, director of Milan. Will there be differences between Rome to Milan point of views? And how does he perceive the customer? Let’s find out together what he answered!

What do you like most about your job?
I’ve always done my job with great passion and love, work is the thing that gratifies me the most and that gives value to the professional path of a whole life. It’s a job that inspires me every day and makes me know so many different people, it gives so many opportunities. The restaurants I’ve followed are like my children, something I take care of as if they were mine.

How difficult is it to be a restaurant manager with such high quality standards?
It is not difficult if you do it with love and passion. Thanks to the professionalism that is achieved over the years, you can manage all sorts of problems, large or small, the figure of the director is important precisely because it is needed to direct all the staff.

Leadership: how much is needed and what is it for this job?
It is a very important aspect: you must have a great desire to do well, to satisfy all the needs of customers so that they are happy and come back.

What is more important:  the ability of the individual (chef, barman, etc.) or the team?
Teamwork is very important: a coordinated and aligned team produces excellent results, the strength of the group and the skills of each one put together leads to the achievement of the objectives and always satisfies the customers.

What should be the attitude of the staff to satisfy the customer at 100%?
Surely education, smile, readiness to understand immediately if there is a problem. It is very important to be always be present, with a watchful eye on the critical issues and never let the customer feel neglected, we follow them and pamper them from the moment they enter our restaurant.

How important is the knowledge of ingredients and procedures in the kitchen for your position?
It is very important because in this way you can explain to the customer a dish, a cooking process, the timing of preparation of a dish like a risotto or a second course and in case of allergies and intolerances, to inform the customer.

How has the relationship between room staff and customers changed over time and in which way?
Customer has changed in recent years, in my opinion for the better because it has become so more demanding and informed, but this means that understands our way of working, the philosophy of our restaurant. We give luxury experiences to our customers, we work constantly to improve the way we do the service, we grate truffle right in front of the customer just to give him the emotion of living a gesture appreciated all over the world.

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