Interview with Rome manager: Claudia Luffarelli
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Interview with Rome manager: Claudia Luffarelli

From welcoming guests to suggestions on wines and dishes, from the organization of events to being at the forefront of everyday situations. Directing a restaurant with such high standards as a Tartufi & Friends restaurant is not easy, but it gives great satisfaction. Today we know the director of Rome more closely: Claudia Luffarelli.

What do you like most about your job?
Undoubtedly the close contact with the customer, and get in touch with people from different cultures, take care of all aspects of hospitality and in particular, the combination of wine with dishes proposed by our chef, a component of our work increasingly evolving. Finally, the most managerial aspect such as the organization of events. It is a strong motivation, which gives me the desire to always do better.

How difficult is it to be a restaurant manager with such high quality standards?
Much! We are constantly subjected to strong moments of stress but in the end, when the result arrives, it is always a great satisfaction.

Leadership: how much is needed and what is it for this job?
Leadership is a word that has to be fully understood: you can be a hard and uncompromising leader but at the same time collaborative and open. It is very important to always be in first person in situations, I firmly believe that a good example is the key.

What is more important:  the ability of the individual (chef, barman, etc.) or the team?
The team is the true strength of a restaurant, which carries on everything and always satisfies the customer, it is very important to know how to put together the skills of everyone to get group results.

What should be the attitude of the staff to satisfy the customer at 100%?
A staff that is always attentive but at the same time serene, who like to do its job, with the right preparation and full knowledge of all aspects.

How important is the knowledge of ingredients and procedures in the kitchen for your position?
Fundamental for me but also for the room staff because only in this way we can fulfill the customer’s needs at the top level.

How has the relationship between room staff and customers changed over time and in which way?
Yes it has changed. With the advent of social and television cooking programs, the customer has become more demanding and at the same time wary, he relies less than in the past. Our approach is to make us always more prepared and attentive, not to disappoint the customer’s expectations and fully satisfy all his requests.

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