It’s just the Dawn of Alba white truffle
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It’s just the Dawn of Alba white truffle

Actually harvest has already begun, but it’s early enough to enjoy the delicacy of what can be called “woods diamond”, so rare and precious: the Alba white truffle!

Its harvest starts from September / October and arrives until December / January, and it is during this period that it is possible to taste it on our classic dishes and as the main protagonist of the new seasonal recipes (download Rome or Milan new menu).

The white of Alba has made miserably fail all attempts to cultivate it, and only grows spontaneously in symbiosis with roots of specific plants: oak, poplar, tiglio, hazel, hornbeam and white willow, in the Langhe and Monferrato area, in the province of Cuneo.


Let’s try to take a closer look at it, in case we happen to come across a white truffle by chance, walking through the woods near Alba!

The outer part is smooth, clear, with a milky white color

The pulp is yellowish and crossed by very thin veins (marbled)

The shape is quite regular and the dimensions can be considerable

Organoleptic properties

It has a particularly pronounced fragrance, with notes of cheese and garlic, and a decidedly inebriating taste, slightly spicy and similar to grana cheese flavor.

How to cook white truffle?

Raw, laminated with the appropriate tool on non-complex and non-aromatic dishes, because neutrality is the basis for enhancing the splendid fragrance. So great on meat tartare, fried egg, noodles, fondue.

It’s really hard to come across “by chance” in one of these jewels, but fortunately for the whole white truffle period you can comfortably taste it from Tartufi & Friends, carefully selected and used alongside the other ingredients of the same exceptional quality, prepared with the usual mastery of our chefs!

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