Not simple yet perfect: the hug between truffle and wine
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Not simple yet perfect: the hug between truffle and wine

When we have to deal with a guest so important (the truffle), we need to understand that every other “ingredient” has to be carefully selected to be compatible with the King!

Consider wine and truffle. Truffle, both white and black, has an immediate, delicate and penetrating taste, with flavors ranging from humid ground to hazelnut.  The note that most affects the nose is the “gaseous” one.

With such an aromatic “gift”, being near a good wine can be slightly complicated. In fact also wine has strong and determined flavor and scent, which, if not well-balanced with the truffle ones, might overwhelm each other.

But since the strongest love is the one that survives the difficulties, once the correct combinatios is found, the organoleptic experience is really intense and difficult to replicate!
Tips always valid for the perfect hugs between wine and truffle:
-Avoid very aromatic wines
-Avoid particularly acidic wines
-For aging aged barriques, choose labels that do not have too strong vanilla flavors
In our restaurants we have the perfect selection of “truffle” wines, but never forget to ask our sommeliers for the perfect match with the dishes you choose.

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