On hot days, fruit and truffles. Chef Corsini signature in Rome
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On hot days, fruit and truffles. Chef Corsini signature in Rome

Summer days in Rome can be hot, very hot. So here is the answer from our chef Corsini. If there is one thing that the sun makes particularly tasty is seasonal fruit. Using it to enrich, embellish and color the new dishes of Rome was the best choice.

His comment: The inspiration behind this menu was summer, heat, high temperatures, the desire to refresh and regenerate. In fact I added a lot of fruit, especially seasonal, both in fish dishes (raw red prawn with cherries, amberjack marinated with berries) and in meat dishes (suckling pig and melon). Obviously, it could not be missing in desserts (marinated pineapple and vanilla ice cream). I always add a vegetal part to the fruit, seasonal, which helps me to give further freshness to the dish. Also on this menu the “game” continues the tradition of innovation: in fact you can find our review of the Roman chicken, where the peppers become a roast jam and the chicken is stuffed with aromatic herbs and chard.

Truffle makes it all special, from mushrooms on cold winter days to the freshest cloud that is honey burrata. As long as the sun is high in the sky then you can come and enjoy, in addition to the dishes mentioned by the chef, for example:

scallops, pink grapefruit and mint gel, almond crumble, radish and fresh truffle;

“Caesar & Friends” salad (marinated chicken fillet with truffles, Parmesan, croutons, green salad, mayonnaise) and fresh truffle;

songino salad, robiola, pine nuts, pear and fresh truffle;

sliced tuna, marinated watermelon with smoked paprika, crunchy with black and white sesame, yogurt, celery and fresh truffle sauce;


now a table at Tartufi & Friends Rome and taste summer!

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