Tomato sauce with truffles: Mediterranean diet turns gourmet
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Tomato sauce with truffles: Mediterranean diet turns gourmet

Is there a better symbol of the Mediterranean diet than a wonderful plate of spaghetti with tomato and a green garnish of basil leaf?

We brought the tomato sauce, one of the symbols of Italian cuisine, to the nth degree, for a sort of Mediterranean diet 2.0, or gourmet. We made it incredibly tasty, intoxicating and versatile, especially for the summer.

The ingredients? As always first choice ones, simple yet extraordinary, with our usual magic truffle touch: 84% tomato pulp, Italian summer truffle (Tuber Aestivum Vitt.) 7%, olive oil, aromatic plant, salt, flavor, sugar, spice.

Our truffle tomato sauce should be eaten raw, it is perfect for seasoning cold pasta or a gourmet bruschetta, perhaps during an aperitif or for a visit from friends or family. Summer is the season for meetings, outdoor evenings and tasty snacks. Nothing better than using our products, for exceptional taste and superior quality.

The tomato sauce, together with all the other truffle products, can be purchased at our restaurants or online! We bring it to you all over the world.

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