Anchovies with truffle. Extraordinary taste for a small, small fish
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Anchovies with truffle. Extraordinary taste for a small, small fish

That a fish as small as the anchovy has already taken its “revenge” with its nutritional properties is already known. The anchovy (or alice) is a food rich in proteins of excellent quality and virtually no carbohydrates. It has a very high mineral content, especially selenium and calcium; the former is very important for the thyroid and helps against cardiovascular disease, the latter is essential for bone health and hypertension. If we add the intake of omega 3 fatty acids, known for the LDL-cholesterol-lowering action, we can agree that the anchovy is a true gift from the sea.

We have made it meet with the king of the earth, our precious black truffle, to create a food with healthy nutritional properties combined with the extraordinary taste that only truffles can give to an already good food. When land and sea meet, only something very tasty and unforgettable can be born; we fell in love with it just for have it tried on a toast for the afternoon aperitif.

As a feature of all our products, available at restaurants or online with shipping all over the world, we select only quality ingredients without adding anything else. For the anchovy fillets with truffles we use selected fillets and Italian summer truffles (Tuber Aestivum Vitt.). In addition only aroma, salt and olive oil.

Buy the anchovy fillets with truffles directly on our official store and taste them as they are, on croutons or as an ingredient for example fish based main course, in which the truffle will perform its extraordinary magic turning lunches and dinners into experiences to be repeated at the first opportunity.

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