Balsamic vinegar with 23k gold and white truffle: everything shines in the kitchen
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Balsamic vinegar with 23k gold and white truffle: everything shines in the kitchen

A golden condiment by nature, the vinegar; white truffle, which needs no introduction; gold.

Hard to imagine a more brilliant and sublime dressing than our balsamic vinegar with 23k gold and white truffle. It embellishes and makes all your dishes intoxicating, giving a precious sensation of taste, color and good taste.

In fact, as our chefs say: “It is very versatile, we can use it from appetizers to desserts, both on hot and cold dishes. From a simple salad to a summer cup of strawberries with cream. Excellent with roasted meats and fish, with the presence of gold it embellishes all dishes. ”

Balsamic vinegar is available at all our restaurants and for purchase . Ingredients: Concentrated monster, wine vinegar, E 175, honey 10%, 94% aroma, Italian white truffle (Tuber White Italy).

Have you noticed honey? We like to do things big and we have added the touch of sweetness brought by the gold of nature: honey.

And what about the 23k gold? Have you ever wondered if it’s really gold and if it’s really edible? The answer is yes, as long as it is fine gold (ie pure) it can be consumed in powder or leaves. It has a totally neutral taste, but the sensation of the gold melting in your mouth, or the simple fact of cutting a piece and eating it, is something special ..

therefore our balsamic vinegar with 23k gold and white truffle and all the other truffle products: condiments, liqueur, sweets, pasta, sauces.

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