More flavor to each dish with our white truffle salt!
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More flavor to each dish with our white truffle salt!

Lately it is often heard, when the topic is putting salt on food, the phrase: “Salt is bad!”

Is it true? As practically everything we consume the problem comes immediately after the excess. People more authoritative than us in medical field emphasize that sodium chloride, the common table salt, is a conductor of electricity and neurological transmission. Salt is fundamental for the development of vital physiological mechanisms, such as the transmission of nerve impulses, exchange of liquids and pressure regulation.

All the positive effects occur if the daily consumption does not exceed 5 grams.

So why not make these 5 grams absolutely extraordinary? As always our products can make it possible: here our white truffle salt, usable in countless recipes to enhance the flavor of foods in the Tartufi & Friends style. Fine marine salt, dried Italian white truffle (tuber magnatum pico 5%), aroma: here is the tasty recipe at the base of all yours!

Our Chef Giordano recommends: “Perfect on a beef entrecote. Salt the meat before cooking, leaving it covered for a few hours in the fridge. With the good season coming up it would be ideal to light a barbecue. But grilled or not, after the meat has “rested” it should be cooked on both sides without adding more salt“.

 the white truffle salt on our site in the two formats of 50 g or 120 g, alogn with all other truffle products. Put salt in your recipes! Literally.

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