Scent on scent: truffle balsamic vinegar
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Scent on scent: truffle balsamic vinegar

As a base for preparing sauces or marinades, or for adding “pepper” to salads, main courses or even fruit, we all know the unmistakable flavor of balsamic vinegar.

It has a very ancient origin, even dating back to the Middle Ages. Initially there was the tradition of flavoring homemade vinegars to make them more palatable. For example rosemary, roses, vanilla or licorice were added.

Today balsamic vinegar has become a true symbol of Italian cuisine along with extra virgin olive oil. But how could we make a myth even more special? Adding our truffle special touch, of course. At our restaurants or online you can  buy our truffle balsamic vinegar, made with: cooked grape must acetified, flavoring, dried italian summer truffle 0.1% (Tuber aestivum Vitt.)

Ideal for magically enhance meat and fish main course, or salads. It is extremely tasty even on fruit salad to give an extra touch to seasonal fruit!

In addition to being one of the condiments par excellence, balsamic vinegar with truffle also has multiple benefits for our health: it has an antioxidant action thanks to the high concentration of polyphenols, thus strengthening the immune system and fighting free radicals. It then helps digestion and maintain proper body weight, and also helps to regulate blood sugar.

Truffled aroma, exceptional flavor and served health!  now truffle balsamic vinegar, available in two variants, 50 and 100 ml, and all other truffle products!

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